Hi Mia

I was born in Mexico City and after finishing my studies in Graphic design I lived for a while in Eugene, Oregon, USA.
It was there I discovered that contemporary jewellery was what I wanted to do. I moved back to Mexico searching for a place to study , but in the end decided to go to Barcelona to study at Escola Massana.
After having spent almost 4 years here, I’m now moving to Luxemburg.



I couldn’t upload a photo with the text. I’m learning how to do it.

Hi Alejandra!!!!!

My origin is in Finland….now I have not lived there for 12 or so years….first 1996 I left to go to USA….for a summer and stayed in that travel starting to make jewellery…and started to study at Massachussets College of Arts in Boston…..Then after finishing there I was looking for a ways to continue…and found Akademie in Munich where I since 2004.
I have two kids, Jade 11 and Jasper 7!!! They are GREATEST teachers of mine!
And now I am trying to find you am image! And in the image I am on the left , my daughter Jade in the middle and friend of mine Johanna is on the right. It was 6.8.2009 Jades B.day and Madonnas concert in Helsinki!!!!

Hi Alejandra,


SAUNA SAUNA SAUNA…suomi sauna is the best! but munich is a sauna today! i am not complaining!!!!

What is going on in your life this week?

I am teaching jewellery workshop for children 8-12 and renovating our appartment….it is a BIG MESS!

And the same time balancing with Jade and Jasper….

Being exaited about the fall.

Hi Mia!!!


Sorry, since last week I don’t have a place that I can called home (I’m in between Barcelona and Luxembourg) and internet access is not as easy as I would like.

Right now I’m in Luxembourg for few days, I came to do all the registration things, I’m moving here due to my husband new job, he is already here and I will move definitely after Koru.

During the weekend we travelled around the country and I experienced the feeling of being in a border country, in a place where the cultures meet.

We were visiting castles and suddenly I saw this bizarre place, I took this photo because the image just didn’t fit in the context, it was almost surreal, I was attracted by a feeling of loneliness that the image produce on me, it was a café that seemed abandoned even though as it name says, has a beautiful view of the city. It was full of strange animal figures wearing different kind of things.





salmiakki eating makes you satisfied!!!

Hi Alejandra!

this writing seems so strange to me. to start to tell you about my thought…

last picture I was able to load…the HUGE one was and image of the fantastic salmiakki…salty candy!

that makes you (me!)  feel soo satisfied afterwards…something you (me!) desire much!

and I like that you mailed me the image you had seen…

shall we make a plan that everyday we sent an image?

discuss then or later about it?

what do you say?

hey we have full sunshine in Munich skyline!

sooo great!


Hi Mia!!!!!!!

The idea of sending us images everyday sound great to me, I don’t know if every day I’ll be able to conect but I’ll try.

Here I want to show you one of my favorite things, well I do have lots of favorite things to eat that I can’t find here, But this is very special, everytime I go back to my country is the first thing that get, mmmm!!!!!! CHICHARRON with lots of lemon and lots of salsa.

I’m back in Barcelona, seems like Munich took all the sun, yesterday was even colder than Luxembourg.

What did you decide about Koru, are you going?



hi alejandra!

hi alejandra!!!

Hi Alejandra!

Here is a typical view of Finland!

Space all around. horizontal and vertical. silence and sounds. sounds inside and outside. hibernation.



A bit of my country

Yagul B-Nbaja



Hi Mia,

In my country there are archaeological places everywhere.

Even tough ruins are evidence of destruction the place seemed calm.



Lollipops in the woods-Bites from Everyday


Hi Ale!

Here is image of my last exhibition “Lollipops in the woods-Bites from everyday” in galleria Rantapaja in Lappeenranta, Finland.

First time I was collaborationg video int the presentation of my work. I am very exaited about this. Somehow activates the jewellery as it still is not on the body.






all these days and dates.

where was I?

where where you?





flows so very fast.



A ride underground




I have been away. Went to Paris. Saw much fashion…..overload…

snowing in Munich!



hi ale!

it is in teh middle of the night. everything is gray.my head aswell.

this project is soo much in my mind, and i have not being able to make really sense

about it for myself. why does it touches me?why does it confused me?why does it frustrates me?why do i feel so shy about it? and why not free?

and i think that all is great. and perhaps totally the purpose of the project!!!!

but i think the difficulty for me comes from the unability of using m senses…

i cannot talk, i cannot smell,  cannot touch, i cannot hear, i cannot bite….

i feel gray.

i was thinking oh great you are moving closer by…to luxenburg perhaps we can meet…

but perhaps that would break this akward point of this project for me.


gray…but gray has all its shadows as well…

yeah! ok.then i go back to sleep…good night!



Hi  Mia!!!!!!!

I also feel confused and stuck, I had been disconnected all this time, I’m still in between Barcelona and Luxembourg, but after Koru I will definitely move. Is not an excuse but I hadn’t been able to be focused on this project, lots of things are happening at the same time, I’m trying to say good bye to the city I lived in for 4 years and the projects I started here, Is just so hard to think that my life is no here anymore and is harder to think about how my new life is going to be, a completely unknown and undesired situation. When I moved here (Barcelona) was because I had a reason, a plan and a desire of learn and do jewellery.

But now ………. I just feel confused, sad, angry, anxious.

I feel that something stops me….

I also think that we should meet, I don’t know if that would break the awkward point but we are getting closer.

SHADOWS!!!!!! mmmmmmsombra

Good night!!!!! And see you soon!!!!!


I am back in living…

Lately I lost a dear friend and soaked down to a GREY AREA…mainly first because of the distance we have between us.

From Finland to Munich the everyday stuff disappears. Well and now the distance is even greater.

During this difficult time I learned to see many shades of grey. Black and White are the ultimates, but there is such a beauty inbetween. Level of Motions. Earlier moment s in life really become nostalgic. Even back then the world outside seemed exaiting and rather wanted…

I was not able to go to funeral either. But we made our own funeral here in the mountain close by Munich. New traditions arise. It was very beautiful day! Beautiful moment! Traditions arise from circumstances we have. And vise versa aswell, perhaps!

YES! And now that we have went underground…and I am looking forward receiving the material from you so I can start working….


new surroundings

Hi Mia,

How are you????

Hope you’re feeling better.

I think you will get the material today or tomorrow, I sent parts of my past, places or moments in my life. Since today I’ll be sending you some images from this new life.

Have a great week



I’m glad our current countries touch

Dear Mia,

I didn’t know I live in country that doesn’t exist for others. Last week I was listening to some stories at a friend’s house about how mail gets lost when the final destination is Luxembourg.

A friend is trying to send me a letter from the US since January 7th; here is more ore less what has been happening


Ale, I got your letter returned, so I went to the post office and the letter never left the station because the person who sorter the mail didn’t known where Luxembourg was located.??


Ale, You would not believe it, the letter came back again I went to the post office again put into a new envelope the first one got ripped, It is a joke US post office don’t know about Luxembourg , I am teaching them Ha,ha.

I just can’t believe it , so I’m glad we haven’t had problems sending us things.



Gare 2SL