Welcome to this strange world!

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Nelli, this will not be easy (my English is terrible) but I am very very excited! and I think we have many things in common despite the great distances. So… I’m here. If we must walk, walk together!

And the image is …. winter flowers

winter flowers

introduction_nelli tanner

introduction_nelli tanner

Born in Helsinki 1976.

Living in Imatra for 3 months in a small countryside village

In between living in Lappeenranta, Glasgow, Amsterdam

New surroundings


Language sounds like music

Creating silence

Like a big hole in your stockings

Arriving changes into living

Into feeling like home

What do you need to feel home

in between many homes

syntynyt Helsingissä 1976

asunut 3 kuukautta pienessä maalaiskylässä Imatralla

asunut Lappeenrannassa, Glasgowssa, Amsterdamissa

uudet elinympäristöt

aluksi kieli kuulostaa musiikilta

sitten se luo hiljaisuutta

kuin reikä sukkahousuissa

saapuminen muuttuu asumiseksi

tuntuu kodilta

mikä tekee olon kotoisaksi

monien kotien välissä

my little story

I am of slow. the real concerns I get quite grown-up.
without completing my studies in fashion design, travel to Barcelona -Massana- for dipping into the world of jewelry for 3 years.
and never again be location-specific. forever here and there. body, mind, emotion.
always I miss one of the worlds. this makes it always connected.
for this reason I try to do projects that have a little here or there or are between here and there.
to prune the distances shrink, vanish from time to time.
just curious thing is that my great desire is to go to finland! And here you are in front of me!!!
fk 216 retoc br

blurring the boundaries.


open doors. to share culture. to communicate-community. natural.


the map is the body

Limits. Doors that open and close. Fluids flowing and not.

Communication with the outside from within.

fk 074 retoc br

observations in streets

Sorry for my silence.

Busy with exhibition in Amsterdam, if you want to have a look www.galerierobkoudijs.nl

But you were on my mind while

walking the streets of Amsterdam.

Familiar surrounding and still not.

Crowded streets.

Looking for empty spaces.

Observations of structures, shapes and dark wood.

Looking at characters of things and materials.

Camouflage cats in the shop window.

Something to bring with me to Finland.

Things I miss when I’m not in Amsterdam.

Here in Finland where distances can be long

and empty space is everywhere

The images are now on my working table.


What do you see in the photos Francisca?

01 houses in amsterdam

02 houses in amsterdam

03 street view

04 a shop window

observations around my house…



image response_ is body a map

response_body as a map

like a shadow



first. congratulation because your exhibition!

i’d like the text where tel something like… footprints being left layer upon layer as snow. my memory is very chaotic and each layer seems to be covering the previous! i would like to think  i can go up layers to remember what was and makes what is today, be/is.
i’m sending you this picture because i believe this image talk about footprints and especially, absence (like your work). 

like i’d tell you (the comment in your pictures), buenos aires  is very crowded, we don’t have a lot empety spaces. this is one of the reasons because i immerse myself in my own, looking for a quiet space.


inside outside


house/body, now i am looking in, and both are the same.

light comes from within the body?

Nuevamente a Leonor…

I need your words… “A moment of silence. A blank space our mind can fill in with thought.
Stories embodied in fragments of repetition.”

Breath life, city, faith, laughter, death, pleasure, cement, color, skepticism,
smells, materials, heat, celebrations, gases, consumerism, textures, dust, cold, sensations.
Believe (me), listen (me), feel (me), contact (me).
Each inhalation-exhalation-processing.
Roots that push from the inside.

Respira (breath). Installation/necklace. Chinstraps embroidery white on white, electrical installation with automatic dimmer (light turns on and off softly, slowly and steadily). 2009.

FranciscaKweitel.Respira web gde

from my working table

working is




everything on one big table

always intrigued what is white

collecting snow_working table

collecting stories from new surroundings

travelling by walking or cycling or by bus

to forest

to the town of  Imatra

taking photos from things that have something “white”

mushrooms or snow

stripes on the asphalt

smoke from the paper factory pipe

letters saying central station

mushrooms or snow?

the central station of Imatra


Forest starts from the backyard

My dear, the deer

White-tailed deer was given to Finnish forests in 1935 from Minnesota

It became ours

Our deer


She is at the backyard of a house

and needs amulet-kind-of-objects to her horns to make a crown.

Audience is sewing the objects.

There are textiles from Finnish national dresses.

Thinking of identity

Tamed without horns


work and text by

Anna Rikkinen & Nelli Tanner



textiles, found objects, wood, thread, needles

300 x 150 cm x 4 cm

white like a space to think

the deer needed the warm of the finnish people to take colour-identity…

what do you need when you are out of home?

i’m like your deer.

shell effect.


i like this translation…spot: lugar, mancha, gota. (place, stain, drop)

in answer to your question, Francisca…


image grows_place, stain, drop


kartta 01

kartta 02

a new map for us?

starting from stains

marking the grey area

conquering the space

people working



calle mancha dorada1