Hi Hanna,

I´m glad to “meet” you!



A short story about me:

I grew up in Upplands Väsby, a suburban area of Stockholm, Sweden. Where I lived until I was 15 when I left my parents home to move 100 km north to live and study for 3 years. The move to the north was my first departure from home and I have continued to travel since. I lived in Colorado, USA for 2 years and after that New Zealand. I moved back to Sweden 2002 to start my studies and then back to New Zealand again to do some studies there.  I spent 8 years back and forward to New Zealand, but I live in Sweden now. I stopped travelling to New Zealand, but it feels like I left half of my personality/heart there.  I might return one day.  This is a picture from my last travels this summer:


Images of my work

These are some places where you can find images of my work:

www.hannahedman.com & www.klimt02.net

Countries I visited so far:

Norway. Finland. Denmark. Germany. Austria. France. Switzerland. Italy. Spain. England. Portugal. Holland. Greece. Thailand. USA. Estonia. Australia. New Zealand.

Countries I have been to but never left the airport:

Fiji. China. Iceland. Malaysia

Hi Hanna,

sorry you had to wait so log to hear from me again.

I have spant the last week in Berlin, where I maybe live next (or again). I haven’t taken the dessition jet. Even if you move your place of leaving often, it’s allways a difficult decition to take.

I was born in Colombia, South America from a family who was allready half emigrant. My grand parents from my father site had to emigrate durring the second world war from Germany.

My father allways sayed that the best way of learning was by traveling.  I got to travel a lot. Some times with him but also by my self, also as very young.  When I finished my art studies in Bogota, I decided I wanted to leave some place elese. I was open for everything, but a friend of mine who was living in Berlin offer me to take his apartment. And so was it. I ened up in Germany, by a total coincidence, learning the language of my grandparents, and getting to know a culture I didn’t realize it was also a strong  part of me.

It’s funny, buy I didn’n even know how to pronaunce my last name.. Biermann.Very german … jaja

I moved in Germany because of my studies first to Pforzheim and then to München, where I live now. I have tried to go back to Colombia several times, but every time it comes up something different and I end up staying.

It is now ten years since then…Now I’m here!  getting preperd to become a mother.

When I get back home, I’ll send you some images.



Early train

Dear Helena,

Congratulations on taking the trip to becoming a mother. I am sure its a gray area for you. I hope you are feeling well and enjoying it.

I thought I would post some more pictures from my latest travels. I am sure you can figure the location out by looking at the pictures. I am leaving on a trip again this weekend, but only a short distance. A early train to Malmö(south of Sweden) and then to Copenhagen(Denmark). Both places are undiscovered by me.


Title: "Hidden and unhidden statistics. Sweden 2008"Stockholm city

Sweden. Stockholm. My home. My roots. Dreaming about leaving, but always excited about returning.

Helena do you have a address where I can send you materials?

All around is grey


Workshop in grey

While waiting…


Where I grew up


Where I live now


My favorite place on earth


My studio wall


Thinking about where in the world you are at the moment?

I hope you are well!


back at home

Hi Hanna, 

It has being a strange time the last weeks… I have spent most of the time a the hospital with an infection that they don´t realize jet where it is.  And now in addition a got a flu. Not very exciting…

I sent you a mail like a month ago, that I just found out still in drafts. I think the video is to big. Do you know how to compress it to be able to post it?

I hope you are fine… 


You sleep when I am awake

Sometimes times is lost in travel and sometimes time is gained.
The sun sets as the plane leaves and as it lands. The day becomes longer or the night stays with you as you fly. You might leave in the morning and land in another country the same morning, but hours later. I want to talk to my friends on the otherside of the world, but they are sleeping when I am awake. They are in summer when I have winter.

Making a new world order

“You sleep when I am awake”

Walking home tonight

Walk home

And then walking back again…