Dear Ineke:

I´m looking forward to work with you.

I now live and work in Costa Rica but lived and studied for some time in Italy.

Being a migrant  has made me grow and learn, but mainly understand better where I come from, see things with a different perspective.

Greetings again!



And the popular Wikipedia says:

The concept of a hazy area.

A grey area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move. There are several flavors of grey areas: …

that´s for us to define…


Hello Julieta!

More or less “the lowlands”  always been my home. I traveled around the world  for months to study, for weeks to celebrate holiday, for some days to see an exhibition. I always came back.

I like to “cyber” travel with you the coming months in Costa Rica! I am looking forward to do this project!

Lot’s of greetings Ineke

On the way to Kassel

On the way to Kassel

On the way to Frankfurt

On the way to Frankfurt

Sometimes I´m homesick

Sometimes I get homesick and I realize I AM where I was born… Then, I turn to water, It is always the same water everywhere you go. You know, It actually might be….

A veces extraño mi hogar y me doy cuenta que ESTOY en el lugar donde nací… Entonces vuelvo a ver el agua, Es siempre la misma agua donde quiera que vaya. Saben, probablemente si lo sea…

Qualche volte mi manca la mia casa e mi rendo conto che STO dove sono nata… Poi guardo l´acqua. e sempre la stessa acqua ovunque… Sai, probabilmente sia davvero la stessa.

Me at the regata storica Venezia

Io nella regata storica, Venezia



l´Arno a Firenze

L´Arno a Firenze

El sol en el horizonte, Manuelantonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


‘A naked body jumping into the water creates a space around itself, a waterhole.

At the very same moment the water becomes the body’s jacket, colouring it blue.’

Selfportrait Melbourne 1999

Selfportrait Melbourne 1999

When having to stay SOMEWHERE ELSE one has intense feelings of belonging, and missing whatever there is to miss is inevitable.

Breaking up

It´s like breaking up, the distance, distant, far far far away…

But then you are closer to others.

Another “water” quote;

….The sea that always seems like a metaphor but one that is always moving, cannot be fixed, like a heart that is like a tongue that is like a mystery that is like a story that is like a border that is like something altogether different and like everything at once. One thing leads to another, and this is the treasure that always runs through your fingers and never runs out.  Rebecca Solnit

Dutch Clouds

Dutch Clouds

What do you miss?

Emotions are hard to define.  To make them touchable I asked myself what do I miss when I am abroad? Missing is not the right word for me. Being somewhere else means a fully awareness of my new surroundings in all senses. The funny thing is when I come home I notice that the so typical Finnish tree is the same as the one that is in front of my house, but I have never seen it before…

Dutch October 2009

Dutch October 2009


Every day on my bike travelling through Amsterdam, from here to there. Cycling around connects and divides places at the same time. But also me; I am part of the city and I daydream; I am thinking one thought to another;  conscious about traffic, unconscious collecting images, colors, ideas and desires.

Yesterday I took some photo’s when cycling. Daily life in fragments, map of flowing thoughts, movements frozen in time.


Flowing between invisible borders


Dancing bag


American Beauty intermezzo

American Beauty intermezzo