Hi Mia!!!


Sorry, since last week I don’t have a place that I can called home (I’m in between Barcelona and Luxembourg) and internet access is not as easy as I would like.

Right now I’m in Luxembourg for few days, I came to do all the registration things, I’m moving here due to my husband new job, he is already here and I will move definitely after Koru.

During the weekend we travelled around the country and I experienced the feeling of being in a border country, in a place where the cultures meet.

We were visiting castles and suddenly I saw this bizarre place, I took this photo because the image just didn’t fit in the context, it was almost surreal, I was attracted by a feeling of loneliness that the image produce on me, it was a café that seemed abandoned even though as it name says, has a beautiful view of the city. It was full of strange animal figures wearing different kind of things.





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