I’m glad our current countries touch

Dear Mia,

I didn’t know I live in country that doesn’t exist for others. Last week I was listening to some stories at a friend’s house about how mail gets lost when the final destination is Luxembourg.

A friend is trying to send me a letter from the US since January 7th; here is more ore less what has been happening


Ale, I got your letter returned, so I went to the post office and the letter never left the station because the person who sorter the mail didn’t known where Luxembourg was located.??


Ale, You would not believe it, the letter came back again I went to the post office again put into a new envelope the first one got ripped, It is a joke US post office don’t know about Luxembourg , I am teaching them Ha,ha.

I just can’t believe it , so I’m glad we haven’t had problems sending us things.



Gare 2SL

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