I am back in living…

Lately I lost a dear friend and soaked down to a GREY AREA…mainly first because of the distance we have between us.

From Finland to Munich the everyday stuff disappears. Well and now the distance is even greater.

During this difficult time I learned to see many shades of grey. Black and White are the ultimates, but there is such a beauty inbetween. Level of Motions. Earlier moment s in life really become nostalgic. Even back then the world outside seemed exaiting and rather wanted…

I was not able to go to funeral either. But we made our own funeral here in the mountain close by Munich. New traditions arise. It was very beautiful day! Beautiful moment! Traditions arise from circumstances we have. And vise versa aswell, perhaps!

YES! And now that we have went underground…and I am looking forward receiving the material from you so I can start working….


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