hi ale!

it is in teh middle of the night. everything is gray.my head aswell.

this project is soo much in my mind, and i have not being able to make really sense

about it for myself. why does it touches me?why does it confused me?why does it frustrates me?why do i feel so shy about it? and why not free?

and i think that all is great. and perhaps totally the purpose of the project!!!!

but i think the difficulty for me comes from the unability of using m senses…

i cannot talk, i cannot smell,  cannot touch, i cannot hear, i cannot bite….

i feel gray.

i was thinking oh great you are moving closer by…to luxenburg perhaps we can meet…

but perhaps that would break this akward point of this project for me.


gray…but gray has all its shadows as well…

yeah! ok.then i go back to sleep…good night!



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