Hi  Mia!!!!!!!

I also feel confused and stuck, I had been disconnected all this time, I’m still in between Barcelona and Luxembourg, but after Koru I will definitely move. Is not an excuse but I hadn’t been able to be focused on this project, lots of things are happening at the same time, I’m trying to say good bye to the city I lived in for 4 years and the projects I started here, Is just so hard to think that my life is no here anymore and is harder to think about how my new life is going to be, a completely unknown and undesired situation. When I moved here (Barcelona) was because I had a reason, a plan and a desire of learn and do jewellery.

But now ………. I just feel confused, sad, angry, anxious.

I feel that something stops me….

I also think that we should meet, I don’t know if that would break the awkward point but we are getting closer.

SHADOWS!!!!!! mmmmmmsombra

Good night!!!!! And see you soon!!!!!

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