I´m totally unknown with this kind of things, it will be a hard way, but this is the first try out…

Dear Maria,

I just wanted to say hello to you and that I´m looking forwards a lot to work together!

Till now I´m not able to sent a photo, it will follow somehow, once….

Best, Karin



This is Berlin in summertime!!!
It is absolutely my city …. in this moment.
You have everything you want. It is a huge, exciting, moving, sparkling metropolis. People are very creative, productive, inspiring. Sometimes they are rough from the outside but they have a big hart. It is cheep to live here, you have the space you need around you and the district you live in, is like a village. I really love to be here and I do this already since 11 years.

Before I lived for 13 years in the Netherlands mainly in Amsterdam, I did my studies there and all my roots of jewel making are grown in this city. I also love Amsterdam.
It is like a village but with the ambitions to be metropolis.
Probably I like all the cities where I live, you get used to them and now since I’m in love with a Swedish man, who knows what will happens in the future…


This is another side of Berlin

To walk through the city is like travelling, like being on a journey and this I like a lot. You can find so many fascinating locations here. It is inspiring, the same like it is to be part of this project, it is also very inspiring! To meet people on this platform, to discover a lot of names I have heard earlier and now I get the chance to know more about them in a quite personal way.

It is a big, interesting and exciting project. Great that you, Valeria and Andrea, took the effort to start it up and also to involve me in this!
And thanks to Hes too, your explanations are perfect!

Hi Karin!

I am so sorry that I didn’t answer your post before, but I have been a little bit sick because of my first months of pregnancy, but I hope that I will be better and that we can share a lot of experiencies.

To give you a short idea of who I am; I am from Colombia, a beautiful country in South America, which by the way doesn’t have very good reputation, but that every day I am trying to change.

I was born in Manizales, a not so big city in the center of the country, where we produce the coffee, I did my school in Bogotá, the capital, and after I studied Business in Medellin, when I finished my university, I went to England to study English for some months, and I returned to Colombia to work in a big Company, for 7 years, but I was a little bit tired of this kind of life, and I decided to search for something to feel passion for…and I found Jewelry, I began some courses, but in Colombia there is not a formal education for that so I began my journey to Europe.

I went to Florence, Italy, to study Contemporary Jewelry for 3 years, in Alchimia School, and at the 3rd year I met one Greek man….and you can guess the rest of the story.

My experience in Europe has been great, I love to travel, and I love to discover the magic of every place that I have been, Italy has all this Art just walking in the street…Paris is a mystery…Spain is happiness…Greece is the peace of the sea…and Colombia is my soul.

I want to send to you this link about my country… I hope that you like it


Keep in touch

Hello dear Maria,

I’m so happy to hear from you and that everything is fine with you. I started to be a bit worried because there was no sign of life yet but now I understand why and the reason is great!!!
Congratulations and I hope that you will feel fantastic asap!
So this `big project´ next to the exhibition will influence your work too and … the date will be a bit the same I guess?

Columbia seems to be such an interesting and beautiful country! I just had a look at the movie you advised. What a pity that I haven’t been there yet, but who knows what the future will bring. I love traveling like you do! Over 5,5 weeks I’m going to Brazil and I’m looking forwards to this journey a lot. It’s my 4th time there and I really like it. Till now it is the only South American country I have been to, so I’m very curious to hear more about Columbia from you.

What really fascinates me in South America is the color-diversity. We also have colors here but we use them different. There is a wide range here too and so as Valeria mentioned specially the change now during the fall season is incredible, but it is different. I remember I saw a necklace from you in the Lark-books-series about plastic, which was quite colorful. Is it important to you to use colors?
I will send a photo of a work-in-progress I started with last year in Göteborg, which was inspired by a handcraft-piece I saw in Brazil.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Warm regards, Karin


Beyond Colors

Hello Again!!

Oh my God! This is going to be hard….actually i am not use to this blogs…anyway…

Speaking about colors, you are right, the colors for me are very important, they are part of the life, the emotions, the instants…i believe that with the color we communicate a lot.

The necklace that you saw, is part of the cycle of life for me…are moments in life that we have full of feelings…sometimes red feelings…sometimes yellow…green but sometimes black and white.

As you say, the seasons have the color as special characteristic as well as the image of each one; and one of them that for me it is beautiful it is winter, although it is black and white…it is full of mystery…calm…silence.

In my country we dont have seasons…the weather depends of the city and how high it is…so although is nice…in Europe one of the things that i like the most it is the changing of seasons…it is like a renewal…it is motivation to do new things…and you can feel it.

Yes, the colors in every place are differents…but they always have with them one specific meaning.

I will attach to you one of the pieces that i did with the concept of “winter”.

Take care



I think that i have been using colors depends of my moment in life or also just with the seasons…

Hello dear Connie,

well, I know what you mean when you are talking about the blog. It is also not what I’m used to do… but I like to have a look and to read what everyone is writing there and to see all the pictures. All together is very inspiring.
I also like to be in contact with you there. It is a great approach to correspond with someone you never have met before and to develop something out of this! And sorry when it takes a bit longer to answer.

We talked about colors and I realize that they fascinate me but within my work I nearly use any color. Or my pieces are black (most of them) or they are white. Very sometimes a color is smuggling into my jewellery but it is more an exception. I don’t know how it comes but at once I really would like to use color.
Last time I showed you my collection of caps from all over the world, I really like their diversity of color, structure, print and size. It is for me special to use all of them together, like you wrote about the special meaning of colors.

And winter… yes, it means mystery, silence but also dead, cleaning, renewing. To cover everything, to make it less sharp and to let it raise again, fresh and new born. Winter is a bit like to fade away the memory and to start with new thoughts. I can see what you mean in your ring.

Here in Berlin we have a lot of these firewalls. It is a wall of a house with nothing on, well, often with graffiti but no windows, balconies or things like these, only showing the outline of something. These walls reduce something to the most essential. Winter is a bit like this. I like it.
I will attach some firewalls.

I hope you are fine with your pregnancy!! How is it going?
Take care, KarinMauer1Mauer2Mauer3


Sorry that it took me more time to answer, but this week i got Cold and i was not so well…anyway…its part of this “big project”.

When i saw the pictures of the walls that you sent me, my first impresion was the feeling to want to go behind them and discover someting…maybe beautiful, or maybe nothing…but is like MISTERY or SECRETS behind them, some of them can be decorated very nice and like this you can forget what really is, but is still a wall that keeps something to discover.

I like them a lot, makes me thing in the people, each person has inside a lot of secrets and misteries that probably they have given shape to our personalities and behavoir; and is exactly like this as i see jewellery, each piece has so much information, and inside so much secrets to discover.

I enjoy when every one that it looks a piece, wants to discover that secret and makes their own conclusion…because for me at the end the piece is for them to look, to interact, to discover.

Take Care


Hello dear Connie,

You are not late at all with your answer and please never feel forced to answer quick!
I hope your cold is over, is it still warm in Greece or can you feel the autumn too?
And how is it going with you big project, is it already visible from outside?

You are so right with what you are writing about these firewalls, they keep a lot of secrets behind and because it is clearly a house you immediately think about the people who are living there.

What I like about these houses is this compression till the most necessary. To reduce something to its basis, let it contains so much more and let the fantasy start to rotate much more as if you see all.

Once I participated in an exhibition with the title ‘Je mourir ou je m’attache’ (I die where I feel attached to). For me it was clear that it has to do everything with home that of course you want to die where you feel protected and I used a three-dimensional triangle shape as a kind of basis shape for a house (the roof). A long story but to make it short a house in its symbolic meaning everyone needs, especially when you are travelling or living in abroad or having migration background or whatever, you always need a place to return too.

Also the interaction between architecture and society is so interesting to see, the structure many houses can create while standing together or only the outer shape of a single house, it’s construction. It is fascinating to thing about the stories of the people in the houses, what are they doing there, what is their destiny. How does the shape of the house influence their life, what have they add to the house, how does they changed it.

In what kind of house you are living and how does it influence your daily life?

I will attach a photo of a building from a Japanese group called Sanaa (I’m a big fan of them)
I like the lightness, the transparency and the reduction of their creations.

Probably it will take a while till I can answer next time because I have an exhibition at Marzee and I travel there in a few days and stay there of coursee also a few days,
hSanaaave a nice Sunday,
all the best Karin

Hello dear Connie,

How are you and how is it going with your pregnancy??
I really hope that everything is fine!

I’m leaving tomorrow for 3,5 weeks to Brazil, so fortunately I finished packing but now I start to get a bit nervous about the early getting up in the morning.
These fire-walls we talked earlier about, they start to fascinate me more and more and I made a lot of pictures of them but now it is too short time to load them down on my computer and send them.
When I’m back I will do it and for now I will attach a painting from Peter Doig about the Amazon area and the jungle there. I love this area!!!

Have a very good time and take care yourself,
Warm regards, Karin

Peter Doig

Meeting Karin Seufert

Dear All,

tomorrow I’m going to meet Karin Seufert who is coming to São Paulo after a trip to the Amazon region and Rio de Janeiro. We decided to organize a workshop in the countryside of São Paulo and WGA has been a sort of stimule for it!

We are going to discuss/research  materials, whether its identity is connected to a place or not! Karin along with Tore Svensson are bringing materials from Sweden and Germany and the participants will bring their own.

I will post later pics about this workshop!

If any of you are also interested in coming for a workshop, let me know!



I am so sorry that i have been so  silent lately.

About my “big project”, how you called, is not going to happen…i have some complications and i lost it, so, the things haven´t been easy so far, anyway, things happen and the time will help.

And after all this, i have been thinking, in the feeling that generates the “emptiness of the missing part”, and all the questions that we can find from that…somehow i find it linked with your walls…when you see them…due to our “reason”…there is something missing, and makes us wonder or maybe make us wanted to go deep or behind.

How was your trip? i hope that you enjoyed it a lot…

keep in touch

Hej dear Connie,

I’m so sorry for what happened!
I never have been in a situation like this but I can imagine a little bit what is going on with you. I understand your silence and emptiness.

Already before I went to Brazil I took some more pictures here in Berlin and I will attach them to this mail.
It is as usual about these empty walls, which tells a lot about what could be behind, but in the same moment they let it open to the observer to imagine whatever he or she wants to see behind.

Where are you living in the moment and do you also have walls like these? Perhaps you can make photos of them as well, I’m curious how they look over there.
And did you start already with material? I’m really curious what you are doing!

Brazil was great!! I really love to be there. It is such a different way of living. People seem to be happier even if they are poorer.
I’m so fascinated by these favelas, their structure, the material from which they are build and how they are build. Some look better build, more stable and organized others are incredible. I will attach a photo from one of them as well.

I send you all my best wishes and lets try to fill this emptiness,
warm regards, Karin




Long time, eh?

It has been a little bit difficult this time for me, and a little bit pensive…maybe tooooooo much, maybe it is me the one that is behind one of your walls, or maybe are the walls what i am seen, right now.

But anyway, the idea is to find this small path that can take me to the other side of the wall.

Now i am living in Athens, and i have been searching some walls similar to yours,  but even if i see something that maybe  can be, i think that the energy and the feeling that they give are different, here the architecture it is, let´s say, White, maybe is this Mediterranean “air”; when you see the view of the city, everything is white and no big buildings, personally i like it very much this image, makes you feel the air of the see.

About my work, the truth is that i haven´t been working so much, but the only material that i am using now  is silver, lately i preferred to work with metal, i like it when i feel it, and i think that the result makes me feel that it is complete.

I am sending  one photo of a view of  Athens from Acropoli.

Athens View

What about you? Have you been working a lot? Do you have something finished that would you like to share.

By the way, Happy New Year!!


Hej dear Connie,

Long time… you are right, but great to hear from you and of course all the best for this year for you too!!

Oje, I’m not sure, when I read your words, whether these walls are a good starting point or not …

I don’t know, but to start thinking about them is good anyway. What, do you think, is at the other side of such a wall? Actually the thought is beautiful to find there a special world by giving your fantasy all the needed space.

Maybe you were just in the `gray area´ in between the walls and got a glimpse on what is on the other side.

It is a pity that I couldn’t see your photograph because of a technical problem, but I have an image of the scenery in my head.

These typical white walls create for sure such a complete different atmosphere than we have here in Berlin with our firewalls.

And I guess that it is fantastic to be so close to the sea and have this Mediterranean colors all over. I had an idea how to start with these walls, using also this white color, strange isn’t it? But now for the moment my ideas about these walls, their gray areas and what is behind, will come later. It is in my luggage so I can use it another time

I started with something else. It is not that I stopped with the walls completely but right now I’m occupied with another idea. Time is running and I’m not sure if I can follow and manage both.

I was thinking about what do we have in common, all the participants of the gray area? Why are we migrants, why did we studied in abroad or living now in abroad?

For me it is the urge to travel, to see something of the world, to meet people from other countries, to learn about their culture and to learn about your own culture while being in abroad.

Now in my work I restrict myself to my last journey to Brazil and use the images from there. My memory will serve as a starting point.

What are you doing, did you start with something? I’m so curious, perhaps you can send a photo about your work in progress?

I will attach one of mine, showing my working bench in the moment.

Best and take care yourself,



We are here but we are from there


Now that i am feeling that the time for this project to finish is close…i feel a little bit sad, even if i am not being so much constant, for different reasons, now i feel that i will miss this blog, and i would like to propose to continue with this, i mean, not just for a symposium, but just to share experiences, ideas, technics…anyway there are so much to explore.

As i say before i haven´t been so much “talkative” in the blog, but some way it has been a huge motivation for me to continue with my jewelery; i think that in this field, we need a lot of thinking and a lot of perception, and some times trying to find this “click” we find a lot of contradictions and maybe is the moment to see and share different points of view and other perceptions, to open our eyes, or maybe just to take us “out of the box”,  like in this project.

Yesterday i was reading must of the posts and was very nice to see how one common language put us together without being together, but at the same time wanted to be together…ohy, confuse but understandable.

After all this, i have been thinking that we live in a world of “opposites”, we are here but we are from there, we want this but at the same time that, and it is not bad, at the contrary(another opposite ;) ) is good; also, i found one of the post that it says “You sleep when i am awake”, anyway, even us, we are from “opposite” sides of the world, but now we are in the same side; and this is my point, how even the opposites can find a match?

I am trying to work on this concept, but i now that the time is close, and i am not sure that i can explore a lot, but i hope that something good will come up for the begining . I don´t have any pictures yet, but i will send some soon.

I saw your picture of your job on progress, have you finished anything that you want to share? Which materials are you using?

There is something that i was wondering, usually how you work? do you choose a concept and you work on it? or do you base your work on pictures? or you just let the material takes you to the result?

Ok, this is me..for now…i hope to be in touch with you in the this days.

By the way, somebody sent me some pictures from a river in my country, that has just 100 Km and is know as ¨the river of 5 colors¨, because the colors of the moss that grows on the stones under the water. And because i know that you like to work with colors and you like Latinamerica, i would like to share this photos with you.

Take carecaño cristales

caño Cristales2

caño cristales 4

caño Cristales 5


Yes, I have the same feeling about the ending of this project. Whole the time the end seemed to be soo far away and the time endless to go on but at once there is this dead-line (a terrible word). But well, it means to stop with this project but of course not to stop with the exchange.

I feel a bit pity to not get more in contact, but I’m also not that quick in answering or talk active, so as you wrote and sometimes it is even not that easy to write something while you know that a lot of people look at it.

I would love to continue, to share experiences and thoughts, especially about the firewalls. It would be sad to think that now it stops and why shouldn’t it, while we just started?

It is in my mind and I will go on with it but for this project it was too much, I was not able to get grip on it. I haven’t got that clear image yet how to continue but I feel that it attracts me a lot. And what you are writing about my fascination for color, it is there but I couldn’t work it out till now.

It is a bit pity, I really would like to have 2-3 months more. It was so fascinating to imagine what happens behind these walls, but to express this in a satisfying way, I didn’t managed.

You asked how I start working, well it is all of the three points you mentioned. If you have only the material, it can bring you further, but not really far. I always need an idea but also images around me can be inspiring and now for the pieces I’m working on it, was actually all the three together.

How is it with you going? I haven’t seen so much of your work till now and I’m so curious what you are doing. Did you start with the firewalls? You told once that you liked metal, are you using it in this piece? When you have photos of what you are doing, it would be interesting to see them.

I will stop for now and continue working on the pieces.

The photographs you send of this river of 5 colors, it is unbelievable!! So beautiful, so intense, so special! Thanks a lot!

I will attach a picture of the winter here in Sweden, cold cold cold but beautiful and the white color of everything, together with this blanket covering effect suites to my work. I just remember that you asked which material it is, it is PVC. I also attach a photo of the kitchentable where I’m working here with my stuff on it.

Take care you too!!


Some metal


It will be very nice if we continue this “cyberconversation” it is very interesting, maybe we can do it by email(mariac8a@hotmail.com), as you say, somehow the fact that it is a blog, make us write a little bit confuse…in order not to be understand it by all but by the ones that we want.

About my piece, i finished yesterday and i took it to take the picture, as i told you in the post before, i am interested in working in “opposites” and how they are a “match”, and finally i did something that i will show you when i will have the photo, but basically i worked with silver, a little bit 3D and with silver oxidized.

I am sending you two pictures, one are drafts, and the other is to show you the kind of shapes that lately i am working and that i like a lot, because are soft and calls you to be touched.

bye bye

PS:Are you going to be at the symposium? I would like so much, but i can´t.



Hej hello,

Nice to hear from you again in this stressy time!!

I think we both start now after half a year warming up with our conversation and circling around interesting subjects.

So, it is a great idea to continue this cyber-conversation but then via mail.

There was always this contradiction between the side, that it is very nice to follow all this talks between the couples and their ideas and see how someone else start up making a piece or how the ideas going on between different persons, but there is also this side that you perhaps don’t want to be that personal within a public space.

Anyway, I would really like to continue and see where we are coming.

Now I have your email, thank you, I will contact you directly.

In the moment I’m really in stress. My pieces, I planned a series of 9, are under construction, 3 are ready and 6 not…. And well, you know how short the time is.

Tomorrow I will return to Berlin, when my plane is leaving…. Sweden is covered under one big layer of snow since yesterday and the temperatures went down to minus 12, so I cross my fingers. And when I’m back I have to work as crazy to finish in time! So, you will get the photos a bit later.

I’m very curios to see your piece in real! The pieces on the second picture look beautiful, like you described them as smooth and soft in appearance. Funny, I used the oval shape too.

So, perhaps from now on via mail?

And yes, I’m going to the symposium. I’m looking forwards because we combine this trip with a little journey through Mexico; it seems to be a beautiful country. I can send you pictures!

Bye bye and take care, Karin


the outcome…


Today i was reading some post, and every time that i read, i see so many different techniques and ways to treat materials, points of view and perceptions, and make me think how many things i still want to learn, i feel that i want to know all this techniques and make experiments all the time, it is a huge motivation…i am still so young in this jewelry world.

How is going with your pieces, did you finish? do you want to share something?

I already sent them to Holland, i hope they arrived OK. I will attach the photo.

My idea was to show the opposites represented in a butterfly(actually are two brooches) that at the same time it needs migration, just like us, so different but at the same time with the same needs…travel, experiment, wondering…move on.

If i tell you the truth i am so jealous(in a good way) that you are going to Mexico, i know that will be an amazing experience, i just hope that it will be this Symposium again and maybe here in Europe.

Take care