Hej hello,

Nice to hear from you again in this stressy time!!

I think we both start now after half a year warming up with our conversation and circling around interesting subjects.

So, it is a great idea to continue this cyber-conversation but then via mail.

There was always this contradiction between the side, that it is very nice to follow all this talks between the couples and their ideas and see how someone else start up making a piece or how the ideas going on between different persons, but there is also this side that you perhaps don’t want to be that personal within a public space.

Anyway, I would really like to continue and see where we are coming.

Now I have your email, thank you, I will contact you directly.

In the moment I’m really in stress. My pieces, I planned a series of 9, are under construction, 3 are ready and 6 not…. And well, you know how short the time is.

Tomorrow I will return to Berlin, when my plane is leaving…. Sweden is covered under one big layer of snow since yesterday and the temperatures went down to minus 12, so I cross my fingers. And when I’m back I have to work as crazy to finish in time! So, you will get the photos a bit later.

I’m very curios to see your piece in real! The pieces on the second picture look beautiful, like you described them as smooth and soft in appearance. Funny, I used the oval shape too.

So, perhaps from now on via mail?

And yes, I’m going to the symposium. I’m looking forwards because we combine this trip with a little journey through Mexico; it seems to be a beautiful country. I can send you pictures!

Bye bye and take care, Karin


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