Sorry that it took me more time to answer, but this week i got Cold and i was not so well…anyway…its part of this “big project”.

When i saw the pictures of the walls that you sent me, my first impresion was the feeling to want to go behind them and discover someting…maybe beautiful, or maybe nothing…but is like MISTERY or SECRETS behind them, some of them can be decorated very nice and like this you can forget what really is, but is still a wall that keeps something to discover.

I like them a lot, makes me thing in the people, each person has inside a lot of secrets and misteries that probably they have given shape to our personalities and behavoir; and is exactly like this as i see jewellery, each piece has so much information, and inside so much secrets to discover.

I enjoy when every one that it looks a piece, wants to discover that secret and makes their own conclusion…because for me at the end the piece is for them to look, to interact, to discover.

Take Care


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