Long time, eh?

It has been a little bit difficult this time for me, and a little bit pensive…maybe tooooooo much, maybe it is me the one that is behind one of your walls, or maybe are the walls what i am seen, right now.

But anyway, the idea is to find this small path that can take me to the other side of the wall.

Now i am living in Athens, and i have been searching some walls similar to yours,  but even if i see something that maybe  can be, i think that the energy and the feeling that they give are different, here the architecture it is, let´s say, White, maybe is this Mediterranean “air”; when you see the view of the city, everything is white and no big buildings, personally i like it very much this image, makes you feel the air of the see.

About my work, the truth is that i haven´t been working so much, but the only material that i am using now  is silver, lately i preferred to work with metal, i like it when i feel it, and i think that the result makes me feel that it is complete.

I am sending  one photo of a view of  Athens from Acropoli.

Athens View

What about you? Have you been working a lot? Do you have something finished that would you like to share.

By the way, Happy New Year!!


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