Hello dear Connie,

well, I know what you mean when you are talking about the blog. It is also not what I’m used to do… but I like to have a look and to read what everyone is writing there and to see all the pictures. All together is very inspiring.
I also like to be in contact with you there. It is a great approach to correspond with someone you never have met before and to develop something out of this! And sorry when it takes a bit longer to answer.

We talked about colors and I realize that they fascinate me but within my work I nearly use any color. Or my pieces are black (most of them) or they are white. Very sometimes a color is smuggling into my jewellery but it is more an exception. I don’t know how it comes but at once I really would like to use color.
Last time I showed you my collection of caps from all over the world, I really like their diversity of color, structure, print and size. It is for me special to use all of them together, like you wrote about the special meaning of colors.

And winter… yes, it means mystery, silence but also dead, cleaning, renewing. To cover everything, to make it less sharp and to let it raise again, fresh and new born. Winter is a bit like to fade away the memory and to start with new thoughts. I can see what you mean in your ring.

Here in Berlin we have a lot of these firewalls. It is a wall of a house with nothing on, well, often with graffiti but no windows, balconies or things like these, only showing the outline of something. These walls reduce something to the most essential. Winter is a bit like this. I like it.
I will attach some firewalls.

I hope you are fine with your pregnancy!! How is it going?
Take care, KarinMauer1Mauer2Mauer3

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