Where is Home?

I think that most of us who happen to have collided in this blog have a nomadic spirit. I spent the last decade coming and going to and from somewhere (although, a couple of adorable son and daughter have somehow tamed that mobile spirit for the moment)… I live now in the Netherlands, for the last five years and, but as Celio puts it, I am a foreigner in Holland, as much as I am a foreigner in my natal Mexico… So, where is really home? where are my roots?… For now I believe they are where people are… the amazing people I come to meet and soon love in my rambling around the world.

I am in Moscow now… Amazing city!… although somehow very familiar… I feel a bit like I am in Mexico City, but just everything is in Russian.

I came to give a lecture for Design Act Moscow. So much talent, so much fun…. so many Dutch people around!


Last night my husband and I were having dinner in a small cafe. All the tables were occupied so, two friendly Russian men asked if they could share our table. They were friendly and interesting and we had a nice conversation. Vladimir happens to be the owner of an art gallery ( wonderful!… please, take a look at it:  www.partnergallery.ru  ) and he had this beautiful, huge, heavy photograph book, as a present for his friend. The book of an exhibition in which Vladimir had been involved: a retrospective of the Russian photographer Boris Smelov. What a marvelous book! What a marvelous photographer! What a discovery!… We  liked the book so much that we asked Vladmir where we could buy it… and he simply said ‘take it, I can give another one to my friend‘…We left the cafe with a beautiful book and the warmest feeling. Home and roots sit in our hearts… and they spread to the people we meet, we like and we come to make part of our lives.


Спасибо (spasibo), Vladimir!… for the knowledge, for the book, for the warmheartedness!

Russia copy

Warm greetings to all from Russia!

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