Dear Eduardo,
How are you? As we know Carolina passed the baton to me and we will be partners now in this project. I am glad to be part of WGA and I think it will be nice meeting you here for the months to come. My name is Peter and I live in Amsterdam where I have been living since 1983. Talking about migration:

-Apart from living a year in the south of Germany during my studies I have been living in the Netherlands all my life. First in Leiden, where I grew up, then in The Hague and presently Amsterdam. I like this city very much, it is more of a large town in my opinion. Although it lacks the grandeur of the cities and capitals of most other European countries, there is a lot to see and do here, also culturally. The atmosphere is quite liberal, something I really missed living in the south of Germany.
-I really love traveling and whenever I get the chance I am in a plane to some distant (or closer) destination. Without exception I am moving from one place to the other during my holidays, usually taking the normal busses, trains, boats or whatever means of transport available in that part of the world. Every day is different, new impressions all the time. Just love traveling, including the hardships of it sometimes. I feel fortunate I was born in that generation for which traveling to far away countries has come within reasonable reach. Today I am surprised sometimes by the number of teenagers and adolescents that travel the world nowadays and which you meet at the other end of the world. During the last three decades I have really seen that number going up and up. It seems to many “western people” the world has become smaller and smaller. Where we used to migrate within our own province and later on our home country, we now migrate with the same ease to other countries and even other continents.
-On a smaller scale I have been migrating in my home town Amsterdam for a long time, constantly moving with my pieces of jewellery between my friends house, my own house and our garden house. I think it is one of the great advantages of jewellery we usually work on a smaller scale and are able to take our work with us!

Here is a picture of me and a travel guide, just before it got dark and my brother and I got lost in a forest of mountaineous La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands. So here the tourist is still smiling.
All best to you Eduardo, hope to hear from you soon.



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