Hello Sebastian!
I’m so glad to get you back here with a beautiful open door. I’m getting in. I already entered and I feel good.

In fact I think we have many ideas in common and I’m enjoying a lot our meeting. Our waves are really tuned … This is so rare! After all we know little of each other and this is of no importance because our thoughts are knowing.
I have a great feeling to be already at work with you. I have thought about how to implement our ideas.

For now all the photos that I sent are mine. The foetus is, in fact, an appropriation of a famous photo of Lennart Nillson (1973). It is part of a serie where I appropriate an already existing pictures. I put the planets and rocket paper on it and then I re-photographed. It is a personal view of the universe, as if I were watching the world as if I were a human satellite.

I haven’t spoken of mirror randomly. There is a material that I don’t  like for its arrogant coldness (though I like its fragility), but I love the concept precisely because everything you mentioned: reflection, time, illusion, reality, unreality. Alice in Wonderland has always been a reference for me and this photograph of Penone always impressed me!

I like the idea of working on top of these issues, which are common ground for both of us. Each of us makes his own experiences. Once we have something (it can be everything: design, model, collage, materials  that inspire us, or even a jewel) we can show it and go on with our dialogue. Then we think together about how these early ideas can evolve. What do you think of this?
My great pleasure with jewelry is all the creative and experimental process. I’m slow to material achievements. Thought is faster …


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