Hello dear Maria,

I’m so happy to hear from you and that everything is fine with you. I started to be a bit worried because there was no sign of life yet but now I understand why and the reason is great!!!
Congratulations and I hope that you will feel fantastic asap!
So this `big project´ next to the exhibition will influence your work too and … the date will be a bit the same I guess?

Columbia seems to be such an interesting and beautiful country! I just had a look at the movie you advised. What a pity that I haven’t been there yet, but who knows what the future will bring. I love traveling like you do! Over 5,5 weeks I’m going to Brazil and I’m looking forwards to this journey a lot. It’s my 4th time there and I really like it. Till now it is the only South American country I have been to, so I’m very curious to hear more about Columbia from you.

What really fascinates me in South America is the color-diversity. We also have colors here but we use them different. There is a wide range here too and so as Valeria mentioned specially the change now during the fall season is incredible, but it is different. I remember I saw a necklace from you in the Lark-books-series about plastic, which was quite colorful. Is it important to you to use colors?
I will send a photo of a work-in-progress I started with last year in Göteborg, which was inspired by a handcraft-piece I saw in Brazil.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Warm regards, Karin


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