Hi Karin!

I am so sorry that I didn’t answer your post before, but I have been a little bit sick because of my first months of pregnancy, but I hope that I will be better and that we can share a lot of experiencies.

To give you a short idea of who I am; I am from Colombia, a beautiful country in South America, which by the way doesn’t have very good reputation, but that every day I am trying to change.

I was born in Manizales, a not so big city in the center of the country, where we produce the coffee, I did my school in Bogotá, the capital, and after I studied Business in Medellin, when I finished my university, I went to England to study English for some months, and I returned to Colombia to work in a big Company, for 7 years, but I was a little bit tired of this kind of life, and I decided to search for something to feel passion for…and I found Jewelry, I began some courses, but in Colombia there is not a formal education for that so I began my journey to Europe.

I went to Florence, Italy, to study Contemporary Jewelry for 3 years, in Alchimia School, and at the 3rd year I met one Greek man….and you can guess the rest of the story.

My experience in Europe has been great, I love to travel, and I love to discover the magic of every place that I have been, Italy has all this Art just walking in the street…Paris is a mystery…Spain is happiness…Greece is the peace of the sea…and Colombia is my soul.

I want to send to you this link about my country… I hope that you like it


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