Shading bridges

I was thinking how will it fell to be walking the gray area, but what is a gray area?

 - Grey area of ethics signifies an ethical dilemma, where the border between right and wrong is blurred. Example: is killing always abominable?

but it can also be a gray area like an area of several shades of gray starting from point A (white/light) to point B ( black/dark), each shade has a different light source,

- Shading is interpolated based on how the angle of these light sources reach the objects within a scene. Of course, these light sources can be and often are combined in a scene.

Could we be considered point A  or point B and create bridge of shades between us?  Transforming our black into white and white into black, our dilemmas? How does our light sources  differ and manifest?  What thoughts come to your mind? 


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