You used the word “intrinsic” to describe wearability of our art, 1 a : belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing <the intrinsic worth of a gem>; when transforming your problems into something wearable, will the problem stay in the piece and be handed to someone else? will it be a problem for the wearer to wear a “problem”?  What do you think about creating a problem for others?

To me wearability is quite interesting, giving expressionism to the piece. I like my pieces to be wearable but yet challenge the wearer, making them spend a little more time thinking “how do I wear this?”. I like to create unusual ways of wearing my pieces because I believe it creates an interaction between the piece and the wearer. This interaction transforms the pieces, becoming more than just a adornment on the body, but more like part of your body. Its like having an intimate secret with the piece, once you break the “challenge” only you know how it works on your body. I also like to create interaction by giving movement to my pieces, so that the wearer can interact with it in a tactile way too. This interaction can be a playful and pleasurable experience. How do you feel about interaction between wearer and piece?

Movable ring

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