outcome and thank you!

Dear Eduardo,
Nice to read how my Pi strands got your imagination going with contrasting thoughts. I also think the Pi-sign contrasts strongly with the rhythm of the skulls, which makes them less monotone. It really breaks the rhythm, and meditation if you wish. And are you saying there is also a contrast in the number of Pi itself, becoming smaller and smaller at the same time in a never ending sequence. At the same time making the number after the dot, longer and longer. I like to think with all our ancestors gone before us we just add and add and pass on valuable experience and thoughts to that enormous tank of knowledge and wisdom, bringing humanity further and further in its development and its understanding of the world around us. Bit by bit.

I like the two layers of weaving you put over one another, bringing depth into your work. And the idea they could be working like different filters, structures from different periods in time. I share your admiration for something as common as weaving and basketry. That such in themselves very simple techniques have brought practical solutions all over the world is incredible. May they be disdained or not, because of their plainness and commonness. I love to see those rhythms, mesmerizing, especially in a contemporary piece of jewellery.

It is getting quiet in the blog. This part of the project is coming to an end. We are among the last ones here. Let me tell you, that I really enjoyed our talks here that certainly inspired me and pushed me forward towards the work I just completed. The Mexico you showed me by telling me about your history and your views upon religion, folklore and geography led to the opposing elements in the necklaces I made. Urban/Folklore, Science/Religion, Personal/Regional/Universal, Reason/Magic. Here are three final photos of the Pi collar.



Thank you very much for your friendly, sensible and inspiring posts to me. Have a wonderful time during the WGA symposium that’s in your city very soon now. Lets keep in touch through e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon here or by e-mail. In the meantime I wish you success and all best in your work, personal life, art and all you do and undertake. Best wishes and warm greetings, Peter

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