the outcome…


Today i was reading some post, and every time that i read, i see so many different techniques and ways to treat materials, points of view and perceptions, and make me think how many things i still want to learn, i feel that i want to know all this techniques and make experiments all the time, it is a huge motivation…i am still so young in this jewelry world.

How is going with your pieces, did you finish? do you want to share something?

I already sent them to Holland, i hope they arrived OK. I will attach the photo.

My idea was to show the opposites represented in a butterfly(actually are two brooches) that at the same time it needs migration, just like us, so different but at the same time with the same needs…travel, experiment, wondering…move on.

If i tell you the truth i am so jealous(in a good way) that you are going to Mexico, i know that will be an amazing experience, i just hope that it will be this Symposium again and maybe here in Europe.

Take care


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