Dear Heleno

The sound is perfect. The intensity, the tension and the narrative that it describes is absolutely adequate to the context of our site specific.

Your sound it´s watching me.  And, through the sound I listen to Your presence. This tangent line, represented by the mirror creates the space between My existence and Your existence. 

What it’s strong my presence?… The conscious of My presence through out my reflex on the mirror? Or the military sound from You coming into my direction towards my existence? 

In fact that mirror represents that tangent space and the cliché that something really exists behind it or beyond it…the mirror creates exactly that line where you believe you can be safe.

To colonize and to give independency was definitely a tension and warlike moment in the history of Brazil and Portugal. Both moments have created tensions and wounds, always, as you said because there was a lot of passion from the first site…

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