Dear Cristina,

Olá! You’ve got exactly the spirit of the Ping Pong work. The “tête a tête”, the dialogue, the “descentralization” changing poles, gathering  spaces and discovering new routes between people. There is a sense of mirroring: “I am what you see I’m seeing (looking at)”, like the picture that you posted.

So, the idea of the mirror for the nicho at Ex Tereza “sounds” very reflective/reflexive.

However, I’m not sure that I have a (good) sound record of the ping-pong work. I think this noise could not be perceived correctly… But I like very much the idea of the sound behind the mirror, throug the image.

At this moment I can hear a typewritting machine (like an old Remington machine) and… it sounds like someone “spelling” from another time, another space, another world. This sound evokes images with some narrative. The rithm and the power of the typewritting express the emotional spirit of the writer (or more than only one machine?).

I’ve got the daring to say that is possible to know about the content of the “letter” only hearing its sounds… It’s like a mirroring of the subjetc meaning.

What do you think about this? How its sounds for you?


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