Some metal


It will be very nice if we continue this “cyberconversation” it is very interesting, maybe we can do it by email(, as you say, somehow the fact that it is a blog, make us write a little bit confuse…in order not to be understand it by all but by the ones that we want.

About my piece, i finished yesterday and i took it to take the picture, as i told you in the post before, i am interested in working in “opposites” and how they are a “match”, and finally i did something that i will show you when i will have the photo, but basically i worked with silver, a little bit 3D and with silver oxidized.

I am sending you two pictures, one are drafts, and the other is to show you the kind of shapes that lately i am working and that i like a lot, because are soft and calls you to be touched.

bye bye

PS:Are you going to be at the symposium? I would like so much, but i can´t.



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