Your Ping Pong Sound + My Reflection on the Mirror

Dear Heleno

I was impress by your last installation with the ping pong tables. Impress me the interaction with the people and the plastic visual effect…and the sound!

You told me that for You that piece somehow links to Ultrabarroc subject – I do agree:

First the dialogue. The “tête à tête” between 2 peoples. The changing of ideas, the tensions and the strategies to achieve a certain goal! Plus the connotations with the site where was done the installation at Rio…

Then, for me, the fact that this information arrives at the day I found a possible strategy to my intervention on Ultrabarroc project was quite meaningful.

Has I told you briefly on my last email I was quiet concern about colonizing spaces, about individual attitudes, contamination, tension and interaction.

How can I be Me being You.

The “Nicho” at Ex Tereza, refers to me a shelter, a place of retreat to meditation…a hidden space!

To arrive to a new place and to set up a mirror in order to reflect ourselves it is an egocentric attitude, about our ego and to the idea of feeling protect, of feeling at home…

But behind that mirror I wanted to represent the space from the other, the place of arriving!… and even if it is hidden the space behind that mirror, we can feel it or knowing it through a certain sound…that will come out from that space behind and impose the culture the presence of the other through that…

On my first thought I imagine that the sound will represent You…your voice, your environment – for instance…but considering now this incredible strong and sonorous pin pong piece from you,… I found it extremely interesting to hear that sound once I will be looking at Me on that mirror, Do you understand what I mine? Did you already have record that sound?

The sound – It will bring you through the memory and presence of your work. But also the ping pong game represent a lot about the discussion here thought out this project!

Let me know what you think!


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