Hi Chequita!

Thank you for sharing your images and sending the comments. An interesting piece you made out of paper. I also found interesting to see your ring. Your pieces remained me of relics. Some things with a certain meaning but for people with different cultural background they could be interpreted in many different ways.

I am glad you liked the idea of pendants, I am still working with one. I am very slow with my work.  The process itself brought up many ideas and now when it is time to finish it takes more time then ever expected. I guess it is also very natural.

Carrying in my head idea about rings marking different spots in Estonia and Suriname. Names, may sound just poetic and completely disguarding. I find names of the Suriname cities- Paramaribo, Apoera, Tepoe, Moengo, Jenny and Apetina very beautiful and even a bit mysterious.
What do names like Tallinn, Hiiumaa, Kiviõli, Rakvere, Mahu tell you?
In Estonian and in Finnish there are quite some worlds written in the same way, but they mean an opposite. Lots of hilarious stories.

I have to admit, that while starting with this project, I was kind of confused while getting to know that Chequita you are from Suriname, which in the map inside of my little brains was a country in Africa . Who ever I asked from my friends they all were also convinced that Suriname is in Africa. It is really embarrising, but nobody could explain why we all thought so. There were two of my friends who related Suriname with Asia too, but nobody guessed that it is in South America. As you see this experience has really changed my world.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow.

Best greetings and good luck with your work,

PS! We really have no time left, isn’t it so, that works have to arrive to Holland for next Monday?


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