Yes, I have the same feeling about the ending of this project. Whole the time the end seemed to be soo far away and the time endless to go on but at once there is this dead-line (a terrible word). But well, it means to stop with this project but of course not to stop with the exchange.

I feel a bit pity to not get more in contact, but I’m also not that quick in answering or talk active, so as you wrote and sometimes it is even not that easy to write something while you know that a lot of people look at it.

I would love to continue, to share experiences and thoughts, especially about the firewalls. It would be sad to think that now it stops and why shouldn’t it, while we just started?

It is in my mind and I will go on with it but for this project it was too much, I was not able to get grip on it. I haven’t got that clear image yet how to continue but I feel that it attracts me a lot. And what you are writing about my fascination for color, it is there but I couldn’t work it out till now.

It is a bit pity, I really would like to have 2-3 months more. It was so fascinating to imagine what happens behind these walls, but to express this in a satisfying way, I didn’t managed.

You asked how I start working, well it is all of the three points you mentioned. If you have only the material, it can bring you further, but not really far. I always need an idea but also images around me can be inspiring and now for the pieces I’m working on it, was actually all the three together.

How is it with you going? I haven’t seen so much of your work till now and I’m so curious what you are doing. Did you start with the firewalls? You told once that you liked metal, are you using it in this piece? When you have photos of what you are doing, it would be interesting to see them.

I will stop for now and continue working on the pieces.

The photographs you send of this river of 5 colors, it is unbelievable!! So beautiful, so intense, so special! Thanks a lot!

I will attach a picture of the winter here in Sweden, cold cold cold but beautiful and the white color of everything, together with this blanket covering effect suites to my work. I just remember that you asked which material it is, it is PVC. I also attach a photo of the kitchentable where I’m working here with my stuff on it.

Take care you too!!


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