Eduardo, wow, your photos impress me! Wonderful! Very surprising this long tube. And I immediately see the resemblance with a gut. The gut also makes things travel to a destination. I see how meticulous the work must be and how you must have thought it over a lot before being able to start this large project. It takes a lot of patience. There is a nice Indonesian proverb about guts which means that you have to have patience: -harus panjang usus-: literally: -you have to have long guts-.  So very applicable to this work you are making!  ;-)

biscuit2Thanks for showing me the pictures of the process. I am sure this requires a lot of technical skill, exercise and metric insight. Compared to the other weaved objects you showed me, this one makes an enormous step into the 3-dimensional world. Beautiful and very exciting. I think in this case of a long tube working in an angle of 45 degrees adds to a more interesting pattern to look at, instead of 90 degrees. But I also have the idea that it makes the tube easier to bend in the end. Am I right? I have never seen a jeweller work this way before. What a good idea to work around a tube. Is this the first time you are weaving in a way like this? Weaving around I mean? You combine jewellery and basketry and/or textile techniques. Interesting! Another thing I asked myself seeing your photos: isn’t there the risk your silver woof thread breaks? When you have to bend it over and over again going over and then under each new warp thread. If so: how do you prevent that?
Here I opened the kiln yesterday and the skulls came out red after the biscuit firing. Now have to cover them in white slip and then glaze them. A lot of work also: over 700 skulls. This means over 1400 dippings. :-P   grrr! Hope I can make that before Thursday when my decals are about to arrive.

Success and good progress in your work as well. It looks very nice already, curious what you will add to it. Enjoy the weekend and see you soon again, Peter

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