Hello Thelma


So, I got in the blog. I have to figure out how it works.
Nice picture to get ready. I am looking forward to being your partner for this project.

About me shortly: I grew up in Switzerland, near Basel. I always dreamed of moving but never got a chance. Later, after my apprenticeship I worked in Canada, in Montréal for about a year, went back to Zurich and to the mountaines, studied in Germany, Pforzheim for four years, during that time I studied in Canada, Halifax for eight months, and made a practical training in Japan, in Tokyo for five months. Finally I had all my moves, sometimes four a year. After seven years I returned to Basel where I am still staying. Basel, a small town at the border to Germany and France. That was one of my criteria to choose a citiy in Switzerland, the borders and the harbour/station/airport/transit possibility.
I keep going back to Canada, specially Montréal where somehow a part of me is still totally at home (strange way to say this…).

Let’s get ready for take-off!
Talk to you soon, byebye


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