We are here but we are from there


Now that i am feeling that the time for this project to finish is close…i feel a little bit sad, even if i am not being so much constant, for different reasons, now i feel that i will miss this blog, and i would like to propose to continue with this, i mean, not just for a symposium, but just to share experiences, ideas, technics…anyway there are so much to explore.

As i say before i haven´t been so much “talkative” in the blog, but some way it has been a huge motivation for me to continue with my jewelery; i think that in this field, we need a lot of thinking and a lot of perception, and some times trying to find this “click” we find a lot of contradictions and maybe is the moment to see and share different points of view and other perceptions, to open our eyes, or maybe just to take us “out of the box”,  like in this project.

Yesterday i was reading must of the posts and was very nice to see how one common language put us together without being together, but at the same time wanted to be together…ohy, confuse but understandable.

After all this, i have been thinking that we live in a world of “opposites”, we are here but we are from there, we want this but at the same time that, and it is not bad, at the contrary(another opposite ;) ) is good; also, i found one of the post that it says “You sleep when i am awake”, anyway, even us, we are from “opposite” sides of the world, but now we are in the same side; and this is my point, how even the opposites can find a match?

I am trying to work on this concept, but i now that the time is close, and i am not sure that i can explore a lot, but i hope that something good will come up for the begining . I don´t have any pictures yet, but i will send some soon.

I saw your picture of your job on progress, have you finished anything that you want to share? Which materials are you using?

There is something that i was wondering, usually how you work? do you choose a concept and you work on it? or do you base your work on pictures? or you just let the material takes you to the result?

Ok, this is me..for now…i hope to be in touch with you in the this days.

By the way, somebody sent me some pictures from a river in my country, that has just 100 Km and is know as ¨the river of 5 colors¨, because the colors of the moss that grows on the stones under the water. And because i know that you like to work with colors and you like Latinamerica, i would like to share this photos with you.

Take carecaño cristales

caño Cristales2

caño cristales 4

caño Cristales 5

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