origami bird

Dear Thelma

Here are three pictures o f a folded goose or duck (?), an origami example, which a Japanese girl gave me once as a present. It is so small and delicate. I am happy I could save it up to now. I thought of unfolding it for you. I do it if you like me too. I might be able to fold it back. Maybe I will fold something else? I really like your idea of reverse. It is very interesting. Especially if you give someone else your undone folding to re-fold it. As there are different rules and backgrounds something new will arise.

I put all three pictures, as I like the different shapes, twists and corners from the same 3-d-form.

I will get back to you soon.
Have a great sunny day.
(Spring seems to tiptoe and tease a bit outside today here.)


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