My dear Luzia,

How are you?

I wonder how are you going on with this project.

I am experimenting and dealing with the pressure. Soooo sunny here!

A few weeks ago I met a boy who’s into origami and he turned a piece of paper into a rat and then back to the piece of paper that was then a diagram. He told me it was from the unfolded paper that he once found his way into the rat. Apparently it is a common exercise for the origami makers to do the reverse way and find out what is it.

I am happy that this is a Japanese tradition that maybe can link to your experience.

It got me thinking about a reverse mode.

At the same time I thought that the diagram didn’t have to be a rat, did it?

Then I started making my own diagrams as if I could reverse what they had to be. I don’t like the have to be and I don’t like to plan too much because many things can happen and they don’t depend on us. It happens all the time when I travel and the unfolding many times surprises me and is even better than the plan.

At the same time, the unfolded paper with marked lines send me straight to the palm of my hand.

I think of it as unfolding life.

So now I am into cutting and folding paper and cloth.

I am having problems with uploading pictures and will try to solve them soon.

Take care,


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