Hej dear Connie,

Long time… you are right, but great to hear from you and of course all the best for this year for you too!!

Oje, I’m not sure, when I read your words, whether these walls are a good starting point or not …

I don’t know, but to start thinking about them is good anyway. What, do you think, is at the other side of such a wall? Actually the thought is beautiful to find there a special world by giving your fantasy all the needed space.

Maybe you were just in the `gray area´ in between the walls and got a glimpse on what is on the other side.

It is a pity that I couldn’t see your photograph because of a technical problem, but I have an image of the scenery in my head.

These typical white walls create for sure such a complete different atmosphere than we have here in Berlin with our firewalls.

And I guess that it is fantastic to be so close to the sea and have this Mediterranean colors all over. I had an idea how to start with these walls, using also this white color, strange isn’t it? But now for the moment my ideas about these walls, their gray areas and what is behind, will come later. It is in my luggage so I can use it another time

I started with something else. It is not that I stopped with the walls completely but right now I’m occupied with another idea. Time is running and I’m not sure if I can follow and manage both.

I was thinking about what do we have in common, all the participants of the gray area? Why are we migrants, why did we studied in abroad or living now in abroad?

For me it is the urge to travel, to see something of the world, to meet people from other countries, to learn about their culture and to learn about your own culture while being in abroad.

Now in my work I restrict myself to my last journey to Brazil and use the images from there. My memory will serve as a starting point.

What are you doing, did you start with something? I’m so curious, perhaps you can send a photo about your work in progress?

I will attach one of mine, showing my working bench in the moment.

Best and take care yourself,



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