can we build a nice-quartier-nice?


Thanks for the good wishes!!!!

You got the poem! This little nice quartier has inmigration activity but no one discriminates inmigrants because every one is inmigrant, no one discriminates niggers because every one is nigger, no one discriminates chileans because every one everyone is chilean, no one discriminates citizens because every one everyone is citizen, no one discriminates women because every one is woman, and so one… it´s sounds like a nice quartier. Doesn´t?

I also lile the pics… they allowed myself to have a different view of main square… and have some time to just walk it calmly. I´m looking forward to see yours from Zurich (i haven´t been there – claudia has and she says it is extremly cold… socialy… she will write you about it soon – maybe you got the same feeling… you said something about people doesn´t talk to much to eachother in public spaces… or extrangers…)

Landcapes are very important things about remerber our origins countries… we felt similar when living in Melbourne… it´s was so flat… here in Santiago you always have the huge Andes Mountains on the East… and you can get en the beach in just one and haldf hour… I came back to Chile because some Santiago-nostalgia… was my first time feeling that)

I´m quite envious about you can see people playing petanque… i love to do so when living in Paris… chating with very good friends… made remember a lot my staying there.

I don´t want to be spoiled-boyish but i do love walk around in flip flops and t shit xD… anyways… it´s geting boiling here) (hope it´s no so freezing there).

The black statues…. The holy virgen ones are on the top the catedral… here people love tos ay that our virgen mother is wachting for us from sky… the most important church building here… as society we are very catholic… actually I think that´s is maybe one of the most powerfull frames. And I haven´t check yet the guy story about the santa rosa de lima… i let you know soon.

I didn´t made in porpuse the chabge from color to black and withe… maybe something apperead inconciously when I started picturing the jewelry tour… but it was more about just how beatifull b/w is, or maybe because the tool colors… i love jewelry tools…

All the best in your new atelier space… hope that gives you a lots of new inspirations… that happens a lot to me… working space are maybe the most important places in my life (love to work… i have to manage better that… more free time… i like it, anyway).

I´m intrigied about the metall-flatteners(walzes?)

Red and black! I love that matching colors!!! Here I´m working on different pieces with horse hair, horn, silver and coral on tose colors. But i don´t have any about the material-stuff for the wga work. Do you?

Interesting that you talk about your time in Uni at Holland… like remember what you were doing at that time… did you fell some home-melancholy at that time or was more about like racional approach about what is Swiss identity?
Two days ago I started looking at my old sketching books and i like some ideas that I found there… i will show you some later.

I just realizad that I saw one of your pieces at Shmuck 2009, I love the butherfly in shell and gold… i would love to know more about that piece. It´s has any relation with the maggot you post on your first wga one? Transformation?

How did you feel when watching Constantinescu´s film? Did you get any images about how Chile may changed over the time? I followed the link but didin´t got the film.

Our post adress is

Alonso de Cordova 3780
Region Metropolitana

A summer warm hug, looking forward to get news from you,


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