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7 january 2010

The last few months were absolutly exhausting (bot emotionally and phisically). We finish some works for a coming soon exhibition in Shangai, we moved to a new atelier, we got a boring law trail, and we participate in two ferias (fairs) that we really love to be here in santiago (4 weeks long together).

But, we have been thinking a lot about our conversation.

I think this calm way of discussing has been very fruitfull, and i think I can undestand a bit better all the thougt that have arised in the mean time.

Regarding your last post, i think you got the double standar situation (you can put on the top some very fast economic growth, a very anequal society, quiet catholic frame, nationalism, the macho situation and a not so good futbol… anyways, we are on the World Cup ;)

Definitions are not something that really interesting me more than what I need to put in my bussness card, applications for fundings or quiet interesting and funny jokes. I work in very different fields and i think we can leave some work to theorits, curator, sealer people, audiences and so on (pastelero a tus pasteles… I don’t know how to say that in english).

Anyways…. I´m posting now 2 draft that i saved on the web site before but i didn´t have the time to read them againg for being happy with them. So now, I´m putting them on our web space.

And afterward I wold like to show you some pics that i took today on my first hands on day after the huracan.

Another text is added also at the end.

Pd: I would be very thanksfull if you say me more why you have choosen the pics-artworks 

16 September 2009

Hi Natalie,
Hope you are doing great.
I haven’t been really active on the blog (the flesh world is being a bit busy now at the workshop).
I arrive few hours ago to Netherlands and i was thinking if migrating is related to countries… if so, borders are the important thing… but if so, the important stuff would be a kind of legal system or the amount of stamps someone gets on the passport related to the list of human rght that are really avalible for you. But I tend to think that migration is more about transformation…. a mutation in any kind.
Sure trespassing borders is a fruitful experience (i fell quite lucky, because all my traveling experiences has been on my choice and great moments) but trespassing personals borders is being more important now to me.
Being my work a collaboration process we are discussing how we like to mutate and in what direction or sense (i don’t think we can get to aimed that) and lots of energies are coming in and out here.
Anyways, countrie’s borders help me to look myself with more time (i got the atelier influenza – 24/7 working) and be able to think better and calmer.
In that context you can figure out that home is not the most important issue for me. Instead, mutating in any place is what I’m looking for.

Nov 18

hola natalie,

hope you are doing great!

very interesting post.. it let met think about several things.

I can undestand you about your art´s view… to pretend that art can change social realities can be a bit naive, but its contribuition can provoque changes on our esthetics or reflections about the environment that we live in (whether as actors or spectator… but we become acttors anyway…. Don’t we?)

Art can adress the weeknesses of our societies or directly critice them. It seems for me to be very logical and an insteresting path for art (or let say creations, for not complicating to much the stuff).

Whether art must to be intelectual or not… I think there are all kind of tastes or trends or movements or movements or positions). But I belive that is not the only way to evaluate an art work.

I don’t think my work it is too intelectual, actually i dont think i´m too gifted on the human elucubration process. Deeper, lot of my work is related to the spanish term of artesania (wich tends to have less walking space than the english term craft… (it is a huge disscusion that I pass now). In chilean artesania the most important thing is the beauty of the object, or the exquisite teqnique or how cultural heritage a piece can carry it self, or the story of the artist or maker (so in chilean craft –traditionaly- there is no too much space for being too critical or too intellectual (and my “university” was that: chilean craft). Another part of my work is what we call here innovation in artesania realted to fashion (or just fashion design) where i´m not very critical either (well, sometime I am). But another part of my work is something that someone can denote art object or contemporary jewelry (well.. I’ll see if i can say that by the time) wich is directly more critical and some times intellectual about social situations that I want to pose my opinion.

I like all those branches of work, that’s why I do them.

So, regarding definitions again, being honest, I’m not interesting on picking one… I prefer to do the work that I want to do at this particular moment, or those ones that I can do (both buecause of time or lack of talent). And to try to achive them speack from them selves about my environment an me. I like, anyway the term contemporary jewelry: big enogh and small enough for drafting a kind of football field in wich more than 22 players, more than 2 reservas (again I don’t know haw to say it), more than 1 referee, losts of viewers or audiences, adverticers, thoricist, curators, buyers, sellers, fans, hims, etc. are playing togheter.

Of course for helping and trying to get better connections to and comunicating with the audiences I do use definitions as contemporary jeweler, craftman, maker, artist, designer, notfishnordog. Something like an ice breaker or something in that sense.

Regarding what art should do, I think that art can creates link with the audiences, links of the biggest or widest kinds… and I do belive that audiences are huge (absolutly bigger that those who can buy o sell art). Those links can be aesthetical, ethical, phisical, emotional, sexual, humoristic, etc…. and if the art work is beutifull it self I think is better (well, very complicated concept anyway).

I do like the way our conversation is developping… obvously not the most dayly one. maybe we can go on the digestif or some drink or for a cofee. But I think we are on our own spaces (are we today on the gray space? Or the table cloth is the gray one?)



8 january 2010-01-08
Have you seen de pics? I really enjoyed taken them for you.

I started on the north-west corner of the square. That’s because is popularly called little lima (peru’s capital). So I started doing pics and right away the guy pictured at the first photo started chating with me…
-Are you a professional photograf?
-Mmmmmmm, yes, I am (that is absolutly not true, I don’t know why I said that).
-And why are you fotographing those peruchos (something like nigger)?
It’s because I’m trying to get some info for an exhibition in mexico.
-What? You have to exibit here! The mexicans are the same like peruvians… they like party, don’t work, they are not clean people.

This guy is a street vendor that is working with his wife on the corner of the most old post building, selling post cards and papers for material-post (I started thinking about how far away I was in this electronic-conversation… and how the flesh anb blood one is trying to pop up).

After few minutes, a guy (I knew after that he was one of the most well known homeless on the square) saw me with a camera and started kissing the street seller. They are very close to each other (both giving advices about good life and about stop drinking). We got a huge lughing. Thet are really confident to each other.

Afterwards he said to me:
-Do you know where that holy virgin came from?
-From Peru! We got it from them, that’s why they sit here. But the virgin is now ours. That is fair!
(That was Santa Rosa de Lima (I have to check the story anyways)… afterwars a street vendor passed in front of me carring lot of red flowers on his head.

Actually they sit there because it is a way the get a deayly work (people in trunks pass by and ask for a number of people to work for little money).

After a while another person chown up (everyone was very very warm like being in a kind of friend’living room, I absolutly like that). Then we were 3 guys and both caracters starting making quite strong jokes about peruvian women (that’s why I told you entre broma y broma la verdad se asoma. Uuuuuu wasn’t really pleasant.

The rest of the pics are different jewerly shops (both products and tools-metal sold).

So, can my dear downtown relates discrimination to inmigrants, the seach of identity, jewelry production and new ways of wearability?

Do you think so?



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