Dear Chequita,

I am very glad that you are in the other side of the wire now. And congratulations, on your weddings!

You asked, how should we start our collaboration?

Shall we start first with exchanging some images with comments we think are characteristic to the theme of the exhibition, or to our individual work or to the way we think or they just inspire us. Lets just take it slowly and get to know each other and see what works best with us.


For the start I am sending you an image with one tiny “chestnut animal” pin from my last collection “Homesickness”.

Chestnuts- in Estonia it is believed that chestnut in your pocket will bring you luck.

When we were children we kept many of them in every single pocket we had. Also we used to drag piles and piles of chestnuts home and made little animals out of them. Then we tried to eat them, they tasted horrible, and someone smart told us, that you have to bake them in the owen before you can eat them. Well, the sound of cracking chestnuts in my mothers owen and her face, I never forget. It appeared that chestnuts growing in Estonia are delicious only perhaps for the wild boars.

It is also believed that chestnuts help to prevent moths while they are stored between woolen things.

Have you ever believed in such a things-superstition?


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