Hello christoph, I m sorry I haven’t written to you before,but  I was very busy….

Let us talk about Migration…when I have to think about this , always have I to think about home.

For me “home” they are all concepts and ideas that always  go with you and that they had an influence in your life … I am called this “Cultural References”

Are they these references those who make us understand in a different way the life?

For example, when I came to  Belgium, and was talking to people about some topic, I saw that although we talked about the same thing we had a different interpretation of our words,firs I had the idea it is because I can’t talk the lenguage  but then when I could speak the lenguage I realized it wasn’t the language but the cultural references.

this is the way  I use to find my home in this country ,I forget never where I come from and I try to find the balance between my past and  my new influences, whit what I see and what I do, I try to use this influences when I make  my work; and  is fascinating to see how people react to each piece to its symbolism and meaning.

this is the reason why I love to work whit jewellery.IMG_1307Jorge

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