Hello dear Connie,

You are not late at all with your answer and please never feel forced to answer quick!
I hope your cold is over, is it still warm in Greece or can you feel the autumn too?
And how is it going with you big project, is it already visible from outside?

You are so right with what you are writing about these firewalls, they keep a lot of secrets behind and because it is clearly a house you immediately think about the people who are living there.

What I like about these houses is this compression till the most necessary. To reduce something to its basis, let it contains so much more and let the fantasy start to rotate much more as if you see all.

Once I participated in an exhibition with the title ‘Je mourir ou je m’attache’ (I die where I feel attached to). For me it was clear that it has to do everything with home that of course you want to die where you feel protected and I used a three-dimensional triangle shape as a kind of basis shape for a house (the roof). A long story but to make it short a house in its symbolic meaning everyone needs, especially when you are travelling or living in abroad or having migration background or whatever, you always need a place to return too.

Also the interaction between architecture and society is so interesting to see, the structure many houses can create while standing together or only the outer shape of a single house, it’s construction. It is fascinating to thing about the stories of the people in the houses, what are they doing there, what is their destiny. How does the shape of the house influence their life, what have they add to the house, how does they changed it.

In what kind of house you are living and how does it influence your daily life?

I will attach a photo of a building from a Japanese group called Sanaa (I’m a big fan of them)
I like the lightness, the transparency and the reduction of their creations.

Probably it will take a while till I can answer next time because I have an exhibition at Marzee and I travel there in a few days and stay there of coursee also a few days,
hSanaaave a nice Sunday,
all the best Karin

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