Nature there and here



Dear Thelma

What a wonderful tree on your picture! Half dead, half alive, strong colours, strange form for a tree.
Abundant nature, fantastic.
Destruction and clearing as a basis for renewal, for a new start. Migration necessarily brings a lot of clearing with it. I can not take everything with me. I have to leave behind people and objects, I have to clear my mind, to get ready to observe and absorb. I can and will bring my memory, my character. I will have my invisible suitcase.
At the beginning of a transfer:
Having signed a contract, agreed to requests, trusted without seeing faces. Ready and especially curious to start in a (for me) new town as if sitting in front of a blank paper.
Entering another world as if entering another life capsule.
At first sight only seeing streets, houses and movements. After a while people, then only faces.
The every day differing to the accustomed back home, the life rhythm, the lights, the sounds such as bicycle bells, ambulance, police, car horns, the voices, the labials and gutturals, the sound volume, the intonation, the subway and its spoken instructions, the music in- and outdoor, drums, flutes and street bands, getting used to, being tired and hearing nevertheless, discovering preferences for sounds. Understanding words. Talking, asking, answering. Missing words, being limited, talking with an accent, making mistakes.
Trying to blend in, in the same time trying to be myself. How far can I go to keep my customs, to preserve my habits? What are my habits? What habits do people in this new place have? People do not talk about accepted customs. How can I discover them?

I was hiking in the mountains. I send you a picture of biological migrants, of moss. They are actually algae, coming from the sea. They adapted extraordinary well to their surroundings.
Still keeping their character.

Take care, bye for now

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