The Thought of the Moment – to José Springer

Dear José The thought of a moment is indeed a good title and it can be applied in a broader sense to my work.

Since the first years of my practice I realise it wasn’t enough to play around with the form/material/usage without a previous purpose different than simply ornamentation. I did spent hours and hours during my studies trying a patch work but soon this exercise did lack meaning to me.
I am fascinated by the human body and the small scale attracts me. These two elements seemed to form a strong conjunction in my decision to follow jewelry. I keep finding challenging the exercise of constraining meaning in such small objects and then use them as “psychological mirrors” of a person, group or society.
Moreover this relation small/large replicates universally and once more I see myself fascinated by the psychological duality this represents. Humans always needed to scale things and preferably at hand size.

It took me years of experiments to realise my relation with jewelry is that of mental correlation rather than material. Materiality is indeed great part of the process but not the leitmotiv. I am very focus on stretching my thoughts about specific concerns. I am keen in scrutinise some facets of the human psychology and defy the borders of perception.
Jewelry is controversial and therefore an interesting open subject.

überstein, LH 2008

überstein, LH 2008

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