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Hello Susanne

I’m here again, I apologize for the late response but I was updating some of my work.

Immigration is such a complex subject to refer to because to define it, one has to touch so many aspects and connotations of the word, that many times the context of  the word can also drive you to contradictions and confusions. Let me start the topic of immigration by talking about my own family and my circle of friends. As you can realize, my sisters and I are the result of migration and we continue to contribute to phenomenon.

I have already been living in Barcelona for a little over ten years. I came as a tourist but little by little my   visit has taken more of a permanent status. While in Caracas I graduated as an architect and I expanded my knowledge my acquiring a graduate degree in Introduction to museum studies. After this, I arrived in Barcelona and I completed a  masters on ephemeral architecture. Simultaneously to all this, I have been taking courses in jewelry and working on it parallel to my work as an architect.

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