Beyond Colors

Hello Again!!

Oh my God! This is going to be hard….actually i am not use to this blogs…anyway…

Speaking about colors, you are right, the colors for me are very important, they are part of the life, the emotions, the instants…i believe that with the color we communicate a lot.

The necklace that you saw, is part of the cycle of life for me…are moments in life that we have full of feelings…sometimes red feelings…sometimes yellow…green but sometimes black and white.

As you say, the seasons have the color as special characteristic as well as the image of each one; and one of them that for me it is beautiful it is winter, although it is black and white…it is full of mystery…calm…silence.

In my country we dont have seasons…the weather depends of the city and how high it is…so although is nice…in Europe one of the things that i like the most it is the changing of seasons…it is like a renewal…it is motivation to do new things…and you can feel it.

Yes, the colors in every place are differents…but they always have with them one specific meaning.

I will attach to you one of the pieces that i did with the concept of “winter”.

Take care



I think that i have been using colors depends of my moment in life or also just with the seasons…

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