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HARD TO FIND, Guadalajara is pleased to announce  Amulet or Talisman the fourth of the successful Traveling Workshop series. Dictated by Swedish artist Hanna Hedman, Amulet or Talisman is an intensive 4 day open workshop designed for jewellery, fashion or industrial designers, visual artists, photographers and architects who either work professionally or are in the last year of their studies and who desire to work on conceptual assignments using jewellery as a media. The workshop, which has been presented at Walka Studio in Santiago de Chile and Nueve25 Plata Studio in Mexico City, will take place from April 28th to May 1st at HARD TO FIND, Guadalajara City, Mexico.

Fascinated by the intensity of her first contact with Latin America, Hanna Hedman developed a series of necklaces entitled Human Tree, which analyse the religious syncretism that the artist found in Mexico during a visit in 2010. Subjects such as religion, magic and the occult, Hedman recreated in ornaments her own Mexican experience, using the body both as the object and subject of her work. Departing from her personal and artistic experience with these Mexican subjects, Hanna Hedman designed Amulet or Talisman, a workshop that aims to encourage participants to engage with emotions, auto-evaluation and the further development of the conceptual thinking that past Travelling Workshop editions have been exploring. At the end of the workshop the participants will have created two pieces of conceptual jewellery based on the theme Amulets, applying a high degree of artistic ability. This will be achieved through decisions, an intelligent response to intuitive ideas and a playful attitude towards materials.

The participants will learn to create contemporary jewellery pieces through individual and group exercises, interaction with the outside world and the documentation of the whole process. As with the rest of the Traveling Workshop editions, Amulet or Talisman focuses into the development of a strong, unbiased, individual positions towards contemporary jewellery and in providing technically skilled participants with the tools enhance their own creative process. The participants will also learn to verbalize ideas and produce texts regarding their own work.

The program Traveling Workshop, an initiative of Otro Diseño, Walka Stido and Novajoia, which offers jewellers, designers and visual artists who live in Latin America the opportunity to address the global notion of contemporary jewellery by the exploration of conceptual and critical thinking and the application of materials, techniques and technology that respond to that line of thought.

For additional information and registration, please contact:

 +52 3312021847
Photography by: Maj Lindstrom ( )

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