Hijo Pródigo by Carlos Martiel at Galería Teatro LUX, Guatemala City


The Cuban artist Carlos Martiel will present Hijo Pródigo (Prodigal Son) at the Gallery Teatro Luz in Guatemala City, from February 28th to March 12th.

Hijo Pródigo is a retrospective of the artists, which explores the codes of language through the body. Carlos Martiel’s work uses his body as a point of departure and end to his art. He often works with jewellery and  body ornaments, taking their relation with his own body to physical and psychological extremes. In this way, the artist reflects on the complex social, cultural and political matters of contemporary Latin America. His work is always registered; Hijo Pródigo includes photographs and videos of Martiel’s work between 2010 and 1012.

Hijo Pródigo will be on show until March 28th 2013

at Galería Teatro LUX

Sexta Avenida y 11 Calle Zona 1

Guatemala City


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