i am here again!

How are you, Sebastián?

I had to leave a few days to finish a job that has occupied much of my time and that has nothing to do with jewelry …
But here I am … In fact I never went away, at least mentally!
I always thought about our conversations and in a few words you wrote in your last pass through here as “body part is missing”, “mystery / unknown”, “under construction”.
The clue that I sent you has to do with it all!

I enjoyed seeing your universe of stuff  “in progress”. I recognized several objects that inspire me, as the queen of hearts with no face and the skull… The clockwise , naked … I also liked the shells … I was curious and my eyes was scrutinizing each of these objects and shells … I was also intrigued by the gray rocks. They are pieces of your “gray area”?


Clue 2:


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