Clues, thoughts, fragments, experiments, hangover, etc

Hi Dani….

Not having internet access these days feels very strange, like a body part is missing, and getting on with things in the usual way is not really possible.  So I am grateful that I am connected again and that we can continue blogging our thoughts here.  You gave me a clue.  I have been trying to figure out what is written there.  I keep on looking at it and my mind really wants to know, it just wants the mystery to end as soon as possible so it can move on.  I think that this is sad really (and I appologize to you on behalf of my mind).  Maybe I need the mystery to stay alive and perhaps that is how I see the clue, not figuring things out and leaving the mystery/the unknown exactly where it was in the first place, untouched and pure (…..aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my mind screams in agony!).

I have a hangover now.  I went out for a few drinks last night and now I feel a bit rough around the edges.  But it was worth it, to emerge from my modern hibernation cave and to make physical contact with the real world, with real people.  I think I mentioned to you before, but I find myself in a general gray area in my life.  What previously was only concerned with jewellery has now spread to all areas of [my+life], which can be a bit frustrating at times.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  I used to love making jewellery, but in some way, this is fading, slowly becoming transparent to the light and something else is beginning to shine through, yet I cannot make out what this is yet.  But I did start some tests and experiments yesterday (see photo).  Not sure what will come out of this, but hopefully some beautiful white crater-like-glaze-surface-of-the-moon results.  I love experimenting and if I wasn’t making jewellery, I would have been a chef because I think that cooking uses the same kind of energy, at least for me.


Last year I made a collection of work called Hadal Realm.  The Hadal Realm, or Hadal Zone, is the deepes part of the ocean, where cold pressurised darkness prevails and all the debris from the colourful world above rains down.  I thought that this and the human subconscious mind have a lot in common.  This year I was going to start a new collection, but as my passion is fading, I just made some addition pieces.  This picture is of some of the tests, experiments, left-overs, materials, things, bits, fragments, ideas, thoughts, etc.


Now you know a bit more about how I tick…….


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