Hello from Idar-Oberstein where every second house seems to house a stone cutter or ‘gem stone experience’, where hotels are called Diamond, Amethyst or another stone!

New surroundings, different people mentality, different landscape, architecture… while quickly checking messages at the academy the slightly different placings on the keyboard… Even my laptop is presenting me the German version of YAHOO instead of my usual English one, and all those German advertisings… NO, NO, NO, I want my usual English and Dutch – they add to my home feeling!!!!

I really like the picture Carolina, of your hand on the screen covering HANNA’s hand on the keyboard! It’s exactly my feeling of how similar cultures often seem very alike but then there’s that not quite perfect fit – in this case a couple of Hanna’s fingers not quite covered by your’s.

I’m too exhausted to fix up a picture with this too right now but I hope to get into a  routine here very soon.

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