Hi Carolina -

This is a picture taken during my trip in the summer. It’s inside the Antelope canyon in Utah. What I find interesting is that the amazing scope of colors from bright yellow over orange to deep purple is actually only visible to this extent in a photograph. In reality the eyes don’t see all these extreme hues. My link to the idea of Gray Area is this:
A totally uniform gray area probably doesn’t exist at all – it’s rather made up of many shades of white to black in varying intensity. Sometimes when we are in such a gray area situation we may not actually be able to recognize these different hues in their own way but jumble them together into a gray mix. And often it’s only in retrospect or from a distance that we notice the differences emerging more clearly from the overall gray background ‘noise’ as it were. That’s when analysis or understanding can properly begin. That is often the feeling I have when I am away from my home and when some things seem to gain more clarity.LowerAntelopeCyn-4

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